We advise private individuals, freelancers and companies on tax issues and represent them in opposition proceedings and legal actions in court.

We cover the following areas in particular:

  • Tax advice and representation of companies, entrepreneurs and individuals
  • Opposition proceedings before tax authorities
  • Proceedings concerning preliminary injunctions
  • Lawsuits before all financial courts
  • Lawsuits against enforcement measures by the tax office
  • Appeals, and appeals against the denial of leave to appeal
  • The liability of a company’s managing director
  • Defence of managing directors and board members against liability notices
  • Advice and representation during company audits
  • Advice on existing unreported offshore accounts, (inherited) foreign accounts (e.g., in Switzerland, Luxembourg or Liechtenstein)
  • Inheritance taxes and inheritance tax matters
Internationales Steuerrecht


Within the field of international tax law, we provide advice on planned moves abroad or immigration and manage your cross-border transactions. Concerning international legal forms or company relocation, questions relating to the Foreign Transaction Tax Act or the law on double taxation agreements– the Mr Hübner Esquire (MBA (International Taxation) and specialist tax lawyer) will be at your side with expertise and support.



In times of LuxLeaks, Panama Papers, the purchase of tax CDs or inherited foreign accounts, misconduct under tax law can, not uncommonly, lead to criminal consequences. We provide you with preventive support when assessing existing risks. We can also support you in preparing voluntary disclosures and during the course of ongoing criminal tax proceedings before the courts.

We cover the following areas in particular:

  • Tax investigation matters
  • Litigious taxation proceedings
  • Voluntary self-disclosures to the tax office to avoid penalties
  • Defense before criminal judges, courts of lay assessors and criminal chambers
  • Investigation proceedings in the context of “tax evader CDs”