Client Testimonials


The client satisfaction is the most important prerequisite for our success. On the following pages you will find the information about our clients, experience reports and evaluation of our services.

There is no doubt that we take the confidentiality very seriously. The confidentiality is also maintained when planning cooperation with the client. Any mention as a client and providing information on the vested authorities are therefore impossible without request and are made only with the explicit consent of each of our clients.

Testimonials and references of the clients

Söring GmbH

Söring GmbH which business is for over 80% connected with export activity has trust in our operating experience on the foreign markets and the consulting on legal issues provided by us. For many years we have been maintaining trust-based relations with Mr. Hübner and closely cooperating on the markets of the Russian Federation and neighbor CIS countries. Mr. Hübner provides us with the valuable and indispensable support thanks to his deep knowledge of local conditions and requirements Seine profunde Kenntnis der lokalen Verhältnisse und Anforderungen ist für uns eine wertvolle und unverzichtbare Unterstützung.

Hans-Ulrich Lohfeld - Chief Financial Officer

Galokomplekt Ltd.
Chelyabinsk / Russia

Feedback of the Russian company, which was the Complainant party, with respect to the results of the trial in the amount of EUR 600,000 regarding recognition and enforcement of the Russian arbitration court decision in Germany:

Leon-Alexander achieved a very good in-court settlement concerning the recognition and enforcement of Russian court decision in Germany. Besides being an exceptionally gifted lawyer, Leon-Alexander has the ability to quickly get under the skin of the relevant commercial issues, to think out of the box and to develop innovative solutions balancing the Parties´ interests. His Russian language, listening skills, an open mind and wealth of experience are impressive.

V.M. Timofeev - Shareholder

D.B. / Hessen

Feedback of the Complainant party with respect to the results of the trial in the amount of EUR 3.5 million under the employment and corporation law:

We would like to thank you for your commitment and dedication. This result was possible only due to the representation of shareholders at numerous general meetings and in the court, as well as through many years of hard work associated with a large amount of information and interrelated factors. Without your persistence, your professional and legal expertise, and your support, we would have been hopelessly lost

D.B. / Hessen - Shareholder

J. Schmidt / Koblenz

Feedback of the representative of the company that participated in the tax litigation:

Mr. Hübner did an excellent job: his convincing arguments were accompanied by careful study of the details.

J. Schmidt / Koblenz